• Balance Chair

    379,33579,70 23% VAT inc.
    The Balance chair results from a profile of sinuous and continuous lines that inhales in the profile itself the movement of the balance. It is a piece that reminds us of past memories, a memory…
  • Bench balance

    307,33531,36 23% VAT inc.
    Made up of 2 or 3 pieces of agglomerated Cork, is designed to allow sitting in various positions. The pieces can be used together or separated, allowing sitting up to three people. lt can also…
  • Bench taberna

    197,16229,14 23% VAT inc.
    The stool Tavern seeks to simplify the lines of traditional  Algarvian stool. Used in the past on the street or in taverns, adapted to the present and combined with comfort and finesse.
  • Chair for little grown ups

    271,83319,80 23% VAT inc.
    This children chair is a simplified design of the Algarve's traditional street or tabern chairs. Adapted to the size of a 3 year-old. Perfect gift for the time that they are no longer toddlers but…
  • Cork stopper collection

    184,68383,21 23% VAT inc.
    The cork stopper collection means exactly its name. A giant champagne cork stopper. Made in cork conglomerated and imbued of it's own wine history as seen in the labels and wine stains. Simple pieces with…