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Cork, a natural and renewable resource, with sensory properties and unique texture, has always been part of Portuguese culture.

Likecork is a brand of furniture and home accessories, combining the spirit of Portuguese traditions with respect for nature by creating innovative and eco-friendly pieces.

We combine sustainability and knowledge of the ancestral techniques with aesthetics. We invite you to experience new levels of comfort and warmth that only Cork can provide.

lt is our challenge and our proposal.

A gift from nature …

The cork oak tree is called the Sobreiro (Quercus suber L). lt is a protected species in Portugal since the XII century and cork oak forests are host to a unique biodiversity.

Only after the tree reaching 25 years old it is removed the first cork. A mix of the trunk and smaller branches. These cut with an ax, carefully removed without damaging the tree and only done at every nine years.

A gift from man …

…”Think of an object not strictly from an assembly line endowed with the characteristics of an authentic individuality, that object can only be created from scratch and it will be present…the features that since time immemorial … the tattoo and the rituals of the men who tend to remain and perpetuate itself within a homogeneous society and fully industrialized.

In Dorfles, Gillo. “The Industrial and design their esthetics”

Combination of of traditional raw materials handwork with the industry. Likecork furniture reflects the identity and culture of the South of Portugal in a modern and sophisticated way. This is the offer of Likecork.

Handcraft …

lt’s a field that allows the designer a quick trial and execution of project. The exchange of knowledge between two worlds of designer and of craftsman, results in products that reflect the symbiotic personal relationship.

The knowledge of the techniques on which to craft the materiais, is undoubtedly the most important legacy of this Exchange. Assort of cultural and traditional genetics that is passed down to the new products and consequently a renewal of culture in tradition.

The design…

Establishes a bridge between ancient knowledge allied to new technologies and with higher production coefficients, not forgetting the shapes and traditional designs reflecting the Portuguese culture, transmitted in our pieces.


The lberian Peninsula owns 80% of global export of cork products. Approximately 60% of the world exports originate in Portugal.