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A gift from nature …

The tree that shares cork with us is called cork oak. It’s a protected species in Portugal since the XII century and hosts a unique set of biodiversity It takes 25 years of life for cork oak be ready for cork extraction. Cork is part of the tree’s bark and branches. It is removed with axes in the summer and only every nine years and taking every precaution not to hurt or damage the trees.

Cork …

Cork is a renewable and natural with unique sensory and texture properties which has always been part of the Portuguese culture. Likecork is furniture and home accessories that combines the spirit of Portuguese traditions with the respect for nature creating eco-friendly innovation. We merge sustainability ancestral knowledge with design and invite you to experiment new levels of comfort that only cork can provide. It’s our challenge and our proposal.

A gift from man …

…”Think of an object not strictly from an assembly line endowed with the characteristics of an authentic individuality, that object can only be created from scratch and it will be present…the features that since time immemorial … the tattoo and the rituals of the men who tend to remain and perpetuate itself within a homogeneous society and fully industrialized.”

In Dorfles, Gillo. “The Industrial and design their esthetics”

For the way it combines the handiwork of traditional raw materials with industry likecork produces furniture that reflects the identity and culture of the South of Portugal in a modern and sophisticated way. That’s our offer.

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